“I went to Kolkata, India with no pre-conceived notions. I was contacted months and months ago by Laura Price, the truly selfless woman who runs an organization called Blossomy Project. Her organization teaches workshops to survivors of human trafficking in the hopes of bringing light, love, and joy to people who have had a very difficult life. I knew very little about human trafficking when she asked me to come and do a workshop. She had asked me based solely on my photography and my blog posts, and also through knowing someone who had attended a workshop of mine. It was a leap of faith, and the more I think about it, it was far more so a leap for her than it was for me. All I had to do was say yes…” ~ Brooke Shaden 

"In 2013, I invited Brooke Shaden to teach a workshop for survivors of human trafficking. The objective was for the participants to be able to share their journey of survival using photography for storytelling. It was during that workshop that we realized how powerful photography is not only as a means of expression but as a tool for empowerment". ~ Laura Price