Blossomy Project has been working in India with survivors of human trafficking since 2003 in partnership with local NGOs in Kolkata. In collaboration with other US based Non Profit Organizations, Blossomy collaborates with artists and professionals from all over the world to create unique and enriching programs that include workshops in photography, dance, drumming, theater, yoga, Non Violent Communcation and the Expressive Arts. Blossomy has expaned to include programs in Thailand.

Together for Better Days is a Swiss registerd non-governmental organisation formally founded in Zurich in January 2016. Better Days Greece was established in early 2016 in reponse to the influx of refugees arriving on Lesvos, Greece. Together we are known as ‘Better Days. TLS operates at Gekko Kids, a project of Better Days, an informal school offering education to unaccompanied minor refugees on Lesvos.

The Freedom Story was born from a documentary film called The SOLD Project. The Freedom Story is a registered 501(c)3 that helps to prevent child trafficking & exploitation through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children in Thailand and serves to share their stories to empower creative, compassionate people to act.

Brooke Shaden is an American Fine Art Photographer, inspirational speaker and published author. Brooke has been working in partnership with Blossomy Project since 2013 offering workshops and trainings in the practice of photography and self expression through storytelling to survivors of human trafficking in Kolkata, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In 2017 TLS, in partnership with Better Days began working with unaccompanied minor refugees  in Greece.  

Brooke teaches workshops worldwide